Meet 24metrics, the only realtime Fraud Detection with inbuilt tracking, realtime Click Blocking, Conversion Screening – everything together at one fair price.

Complete Anti Fraud Suite including Click and Conversion Screening


Premium Fraud Detection

$ 850 / month
  • Conversion Based Pricing
  • 50k Conversions / mth. included
  • Realtime API Integrations
  • Platform Support
  • Custom Integrations
  • Postback Management
  • Support & Onboarding


All Features / Any Volume

  • Any volume
  • Integrate any platform
  • Prepaid Volume Packages
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Discounted 6/12 months plans

Full Transparency

Clear Rejection Reasoning in Realtime for you and your publishers. We can pass rejection reasons for every Click.

Seamless Integration

We support JS Integrations, Realtime API Calls, Redirect Links or connect seamlessly to your existing tracking platform.

Tracking Integrated

We are the first Fraud-Prevention Solution that combines Click, Conversion screening with a tracking solution. One Solution one Price.

Custom Filter Settings

Everyone's needs are different which we not only support presets by industry (e.g. Search, CPC or eCommerce) but also allow full customization.

Monitoring Mode

You decide what to do with rejection traffic. You can decide if you want to block traffic or just monitor the results.

Get pro Support

Every customer deserves timely, knowledgeable, and efficient support. Get the help you need every step of your way.

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