Technical Integration

24metrics Technical Integration Documentation

There are different types of integration depending on the client’s setup and preference. We distinguish between Click and Conversion Integration.

Domain Level Click Integration

When you have an existing network your tracking links follow a specific structure (e.g. You may also have additional parameter that your affiliates are passing to you (click Ids, SubID, Device IDs etc.) To make things simple to integrate and to avoid that affiliate have to change their links we can emulate the format of your tracking links.

How this works

a) We integrate on your Domain (e.g. Including SSL certificate (Let's encrypt) that gets issued by us.
b) Publisher sends the Clicks in the format of the tracking platform / Domain. (e.g. The parameter keys can be mapped on 24metrics side to emulate any link format.

As a result Affiliates are able to pull tracking links as before from the platform and existing tracking links don't require updating.

Diagram: Domain Level Click Integration with Emulated Tracked Link Format

Traffic Flow Diagram

Integration with a Tracking Platform

API Integration with Clicks

If you cannot / want to route the traffic through 24metrics then you can make an API request for every click to our server including IP, User Agent, Publisher, SubID etc. and we respond with the result in Json Format.

How it works

a) Call our Click API with the parameters for IP, User Agent, Publisher, Device ID etc. You get a full list of parameters from UI under Custom Integration > Clicks 

					Example Click API Call,es&device_id=idfa_number&referer=
  "reason": "DUPLICATE_IP",
  "status": "rejected"

b) You listen to our response and block clicks that have been flagged as rejected from our service. In this setup you decide whether you want to redirect or block rejected clicks. Our API responds within 25ms and automatically routes the requests to the closest server. For security/stability reasons we recommend implementing a circuit breaker in case the latency is above 150ms to avoid any issues in case of maintenance / technical issues. 

If you require additional information from our API you use the extended response with &json=true. This is only recommended in case you need additional information such as GEO location, Device Type etc.

					Extended Click API Response (only use if needed),es&device_id=idfa_number&referer=

Diagram API Integration

API Integration example

API Integration with Conversions

API Integration with Conversion works in a similar way as with Clicks. No Domain integration is needed as these calls are not visible to the publisher. You can use our API Builder inside Clickshield. 

> Custom Integration > Conversion Section

Server to Server Integration for custom platforms.
					Example Conversion API Call
					Example Conversion API Response

"conversion_data": {
        "ip": "", 
        "ip_network": "", 
        "country": "United States", 
        "country_code": "US", 
        "lat": 37.751, 
        "long": -97.822, 
        "isp": "Google", 
        "proxy_type": "DataCenterHostingProvider", 
        "user_agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36", 
        "referer_categories": null, 
        "is_bot": 0, 
        "os_name": "OSMacOSX", 
        "os_version": {
            "Major": 10, 
            "Minor": 15, 
            "Patch": 7
        "is_old_os": 0, 
        "device_type": "DeviceComputer", 
        "browser_name": "BrowserChrome", 
        "browser_version": {
            "Major": 103, 
            "Minor": 0, 
            "Patch": 0
        "browser_language": [], 
        "is_old_browser": 0, 
        "organization_id": "5cd9a3604f223a59f1898c1c", 
        "integration_id": "dhkwd4izck", 
        "offer_id": "test_doc", 
        "offer": "default", 
        "transaction_id": "cs-274f4115-e75d-4154-9995-15e1754fc951", 
        "request_time": "2022-07-13T16:45:23.278160064Z", 
        "conversion_time": "2022-07-13T16:45:23.278169124Z", 
        "hash": "bc595b7d54be312d91952cdf5874bf47", 
        "session_time": 25, 
        "conversion_ip": "", 
        "server_ip": "", 
        "revenue": 0, 
        "payout": 0, 
        "click_ip": "", 
        "click_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z", 
        "filter_group_id": "tan35d2llw", 
        "rejected": 1, 
        "rejections": [
        "rejected_advanced_reason": "DUPLICATE_IP", 
        "rejected_simple_reason": "DUPLICATE_IP", 
        "app_id": "", 
        "app_version": "", 
        "third_party_rejection_reason": "", 
        "third_party_status": "", 
        "begin_install_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z", 
        "finish_install_time": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z", 
        "is_click_spam": 0, 
        "is_low_session_time": 1, 
        "score": 400, 
        "risk": "HIGH RISK"
    "conversion_filter_results": {
        "filter_group_name": "Documentation Example", 
        "filter_group_id": "tan35d2llw", 
        "failed_filters": null, 
        "results": {
            "NOT_REJECTED": [], 
            "REJECTED": [
                    "filter": {
                        "target": "conversion", 
                        "type": "VPN", 
                        "settings": {}
                    "meta": {}, 
                    "filter": {
                        "target": "conversion", 
                        "type": "DUPLICATE_IP", 
                        "settings": []
        "filter_types": [
    "conversion_type": "ConversionGeneric", 
    "conversion_offer_type": "OfferNotClickShield"

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