Fraud Prevention

Realtime Fraud Screening for Impressions, Clicks and Conversions

Click Fraud Report

9 good reasons to choose our Fraud-Prevention Platform

Full Transparency

Clear Rejection Reasoning in Realtime for you and your publishers. We can pass rejection reasons for every Click.

Realtime Screening

Your fraud screening is handed in real-time. We do this at small and very large volumes for clicks, conversions and soon Impressions too.

Single Solution Provider

We are the only solution provider in the market that can offer Impression, Click and Conversion Screening in a single product.

Custom Filter Settings

Everyone's needs are different which we not only support presets by industry (e.g. Search, CPC or eCommerce) but also allow full customization.

Monitoring Mode

You decide what to do with rejection traffic. You can decide if you want to block traffic or just monitor the results.

Get pro Support

We will advise you on the best Fraud-Filter settings and industry norms. Get the help you need every step of your way.

Redirect Link Integration

Very easy integration that is compatible with any tracking platform. Realtime Blocking at Click / Conversion Level.

Postback Management

We fire postbacks depending on their fraud status to your partners. We can even consider the Fraud checks of other Fraud Systems (e.g. Appsflyer)

Savings from Day 1

Get an instant uplift on your ROI through automatic rejections and easier Partner Management.

"Partnering with 24metrics has been a game-changer for us at Revlum. It's like having a skilled detective with a magnifying glass, scrutinizing every transaction to ensure its authenticity. This collaboration not only strengthened our defenses against ad fraud but also brought a new level of confidence and peace of mind to our operations. We're now not just fighting fraud; we're outsmarting it, and that's a thrilling step forward for us and our clients." (Luka Trupeljak - COO at Revlum)


Javascript Integration

Javascript Integration

Realtime Click API Screening

Realtime API Response

Affiliate Tracking Solution

Full Campaign Tracking

Fraud-Prevent for Everflow Affiliate Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Affise Affiliate Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Appsflyer Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Adjust Mobile Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Trackier Affiliate Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Hasoffers Affiliate Platform
Supported Affiliate Platforms Everflow, Appsflyer, Affise, Adjust, Hasoffers, Trackier Integrations

Full Transparency

Clear Rejection Reasoning in Realtime for you and your publishers. We can pass rejection reasons for every Click.


We successfully stop Fraud for CPC Campaigns, Search, eCommerce, Leads and Mobile Offers.

Detection Strategies

Select predefined filter sets for Search, CPC, eCommerce , Lead Offers or define your own rules.

Click Blocking

Send bad clicks to an empty page or redirect to an alternative URL. The decision is yours.


Impressions Screening

Impressions Screening detecting Bots, AdStacking, Malware Sites, VPNs and more.

Realtime Click Screening

Easy deployable Infrastructure built to scale for billions of clicks and conversions.

Conversion Screening

We screen your conversions for Mobile Apps , eCommerce Transactions or Leads.

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