Preventive CyberSecurity

Identity Theft, Fraud Prevention (Click/ Conversions / Impressions), A.I User behavior analytics / predictions.

  • fraudreport@2x FRAUD DETECTION

Advanced traffic pattern detection

Fraudshield's multilayer approach to fraud-detection detects a large scope of affiliate fraud including ClickSpam, VPN&Proxies, Duplicate IPs, Fraud Database, Wrong App-Versioning,Incentivized traffic and much more.

Conversion Report
  • check-green@3x CONVERSION REPORT

Get clear and transparent reasons for every rejected conversion

Transparent and reproducible reasons for your marketing team and publishers. Possibility to list additional parameters for tracking like SubIDs, ClickIDs and export reports by CSV or API.

  • Filters@2x FILTER SETTINGS

Customizable filter settings

Fraudshield offers the most flexible filter system in the market today. Allowing users to define specific filter settings by Affiliate / Offer or Advertiser.


Offers can be grouped into a Filter Groups and set with specific settings for Duplicate IPs, ClicksSpam, SDK Fraud etc.

Fraudshield API Image
  • Filters Copy@2x API

2 Way API

Retrieve detailed reports for individual conversions, fraud reports in JSON format.

  • Filters Copy 2@2x POSTBACK CONTROL

Dynamic Postback

Firing postbacks to publishers or partners in dependence on filtration results. Fully customizable by affiliate, product, partner or reasoning.

  • Filters Copy 3@2x PRICING

All inclusive competitive pricing without lock-in contracts covering clicks & conversions. ​


Affordable Fraud Detection

$ 499 /month
  • 25Mio Clicks /mth included
  • 75k Conversions / mth. included
  • 1-Click Integration
  • Support by email


All Features / Any Volume

  • Any volume
  • Integrate any platform
  • Prepaid Volume Packages
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Global Comparison Stats
  • Multiuser Support
  • Reporting API
  • Discounted 6/12 months plans
  • Dedicated Account Manager
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