Click and Affiliate Fraud Prevention

Stop Fraud for Search Campaigns, CPC, Mobile CPI, Lead Campaign or eCommerce Offers. We block at Click-Level before the bad traffic reaches your Advertiser.

Click Fraud Report

Full Transparency

Clear Rejection Reasoning in Realtime for you and your publishers. We can pass rejection reasons for every Click.


We successfully stop Fraud for CPC Campaigns, Search, eCommerce, Leads and Mobile Offers.

Detection Strategies

Select predefined filter sets for Search, CPC, eCommerce , Lead Offers or define your own rules.

Click Blocking

Send bad clicks to an empty page or redirect to an alternative URL. The decision is yours.

Our Services

Anti-Fraud Suite

Conversions, Clicks, Campaign Tracking, Postback Management in single solution.

Managed Tracking

Easy deployable Infrastructure built to scale for billions of clicks and conversions.

VPN & Bot Detection

High accuracy detection and easy implementation that scale.

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