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Sven Hezel

Managing Director


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Christina Pantelidou

Client Relations

Core Principles of the Company

Adding Value to our clients. Building innovative out of the box solutions that cannot be found elsewhere. Helping our clients to suceed because their success is ours.

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Protecting Business from threats

Identity Fraud, Denial Service Attacks, Impression, Click Fraud are on the rise. We are building solutions that are based on BigData & A.I to detect and prevent threats before they happen. We are doing this at high scale volumes.

Realtime User Analytics based on A.I

Training models on millions of user data enables us to predict user behavior. This can be used to identify fraud, low quality users but also to predict which users are likely to make high value purchases. 


We are always very transparent with our data sources / reasonings. We avoid building black bloxes and walled gardens. We don’t lock in our clients because we convince with added value.