The Complete Anti-Fraud Protection Suite

Impressions, Clicks, Conversions combined into a single solution

9 good reasons to choose the 24metrics AdSecurity Platform

Full Transparency

Clear Rejection Reasoning in Realtime for you and your publishers. We can pass rejection reasons for every Click.

Postback Management

We fire postbacks depending on their fraud status to your partners. We can even consider the Fraud checks of other Fraud Systems (e.g. Appsflyer)

Savings from Day 1

Get an instant uplift on your ROI through automatic rejections and easier Partner Management.

Monitoring Mode

You decide what to do with rejection traffic. You can decide if you want to block traffic or just monitor the results.

Realtime Screening

Your fraud screening is handed in real-time. We do this at small and very large volumes for clicks, conversions and Impressions too.

Immediate Savings

Customers see on average a 10-30% cost decrease on their media campaigns by not paying for Fraudulent Clicks and Conversions.

Custom Filter Settings

Everyone's needs are different which we not only support presets by industry (e.g. Search, CPC or eCommerce) but also allow full customization.

Redirect Link Integration

Easy Integration through Redirect links for Clicks, Conversion screening. Screening Traffic can be done within minutes.

Get pro Support

We will advise you on the best Fraud-Filter settings and industry norms. Get the help you need every step of your way.


Javascript Integration

Javascript Integration

Realtime Click API Screening

Realtime API Response

Affiliate Tracking Solution

Full Campaign Tracking

Fraud-Prevent for Everflow Affiliate Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Affise Affiliate Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Appsflyer Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Adjust Mobile Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Trackier Affiliate Platform
Fraud-Prevention for Hasoffers Affiliate Platform
Supported Affiliate Platforms Everflow, Appsflyer, Affise, Adjust, Hasoffers, Trackier Integrations

Clear and transparent rejection reasons

Transparent and reproducible reasons for your marketing team and publishers. Possibility to list additional parameters for tracking like SubIDs, ClickIDs and export reports by CSV or API.

Customizable Filters

Customize Filter settings by Publisher, Offer, Advertiser. We also provide Filter Presets for common scenarios.

Postback Manager

Firing postbacks to publishers or partners in dependence on filtration results. Fully customizable by affiliate, product, partner or reasoning.

All inclusive competitive pricing without lock-in contracts covering clicks & conversions. ​

Fraud Screening

Click / Conversion Screening

$ 499 / month
  • 5 Mio Clicks /mth included
  • 50k Conversions / mth. included
  • Blocks Bots, Click Farms, VPNs
  • Realtime API Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • Platform Support
  • Support by email

Anti-Fraud + Tracking

Full Solution

$ 850 / month
  • Conversion Based Pricing
  • Campaign Tracking Included
  • 50k Conversions included
  • Ad Compliance Checks
  • Protects from Bots, Click Farms, VPNs and more​
  • Postback Management included
  • Rejection Reasons management
  • Realtime API Integrations
  • Custom Integrations
  • Platform Support
  • Postback Management
  • Support by email


All Features / Any Volume

  • Any volume
  • Integrate any platform
  • Prepaid Volume Packages
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Discounted 6/12 months plans

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