Mobile Fraud Trends in 2023 and outlook to 2024

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Mobile AdFraud – Outlook to 2024

With the pervasive use of mobile devices, the threat of mobile ad fraud is on a sharp rise. By 2024, it is anticipated that such fraud will become more intricate and widespread, posing significant detection and prevention challenges. The complexity of mobile technology makes it simpler for fraudsters to exploit vulnerabilities, creating fake clicks and impressions that are then sold to unsuspecting advertisers and publishers.

To counter this, the implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in detecting and blocking fraudulent activities has become increasingly vital. These technologies are crucial in curtailing the financial damages caused by mobile ad fraud. The future also indicates a potential rise in well-organized mobile ad fraud networks, making detection and prevention more challenging. Advertisers and publishers need to remain alert and informed about the evolving landscape of mobile ad fraud prevention. Partnerships with specialized fraud solution providers can offer valuable support in this regard.

2023 Key Statistics on Mobile Ad Fraud

The digital advertising landscape is significantly impacted by mobile ad fraud. As per the 2019 Bot Baseline Report by the Association of National Advertisers and White Ops, mobile ad fraud was projected to cost around $5.8 billion in 2019. This cost is expected to soar to approximately $12.6 billion by 2023, driven by advanced fraud techniques such as app-ads.txt spoofing, SDK spoofing, and mobile web spoofing.

The prevalence of mobile ad fraud is notably high in certain countries, with the US, UK, and India being the top contributors. Nearly half of all mobile ad fraud is estimated to originate from the US. These insights underscore the need for advertisers and marketers to adopt robust fraud detection tools and ensure their ads appear on legitimate sites and apps. 24metrics offers solutions to combat such fraud on Click / Conversion / Impression Level.

Moreover, the report stresses the importance of collaboration among advertisers, publishers, and platforms to fight mobile ad fraud. United efforts can significantly diminish fraud levels and safeguard investments in digital advertising.

Strategies for Combating Mobile Ad Fraud in 2024

As mobile ad spending escalates, understanding and countering fraudster tactics becomes imperative. Here are key steps to prevent mobile ad fraud:

  • Employ Verification and Validation Tools: These tools confirm that ads reach real users, not bots or fraudulent traffic. Advertisers must utilize these to guarantee authentic viewer engagement.
  • Enforce Strong Anti-Fraud Policies: Implement policies that include trusted ad sources, strict budget limits, and continuous campaign monitoring for any irregularities.
  • 360 Degree Fraud Screening: With the rise of Click Fraud marketers needs to be aware of the importance of screening both clicks and conversions to secure their investments. We wrote a seperate article on the importance of Click Screening.
  • Regular Monitoring of Mobile Campaigns: Vigilantly track campaign performance, traffic types, and any suspicious transactions.
  • Leverage Machine Learning and AI: Employ these technologies for precise and rapid detection of suspicious activities in ad campaigns.

By adopting these measures, advertisers can effectively shield themselves from mobile ad fraud in 2023. 24metrics offers comprehensive protection by implementing these strategies on behalf of their clients.

Final Perspectives on Mobile Ad Fraud for 2024

Looking ahead to 2024, mobile ad fraud is poised to become a more significant concern. Fraudsters are expected to employ increasingly sophisticated methods, exploiting the mobile ad ecosystem. Collaboration among advertisers, publishers, and tech companies is essential to develop new countermeasures against such fraud.

Advertisers must stay abreast of the latest trends in mobile ad fraud, apply a 360 degree Fraud Screening approach and utilize platforms specializing in fraud detection and prevention. Publishers need to be vigilant about their ad inventory and traffic sources. Tech companies should focus on creating innovative methods for fraud detection and prevention, and actively educate the industry.

In conclusion, tackling mobile ad fraud requires a collective and proactive approach, employing the right tools and technologies to mitigate its impact effectively.


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