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CustomGTP AdFraud Advisor
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Launching the first A.I powered AdFraud Expert

As geeks we like to try new things and developments. Following this weeks OpenAI announcement to release Custom GPTs we went ahead and build a first version of a AdFraud Advisor. 

We trained it on our own knowledge base but also other industry documents related to Click / Conversion and Impression Fraud. It knows specifics like Cookie Dropping or ClickSpamming tactics and why its a problem to marketers.  We did ask it some questions about how ClickSpamming works. Below is the answer of our Bot.

ClickSpam, also known as click flooding, is a type of mobile ad fraud that impacts performance-based campaigns. Here’s how it works and how it can steal money from your mobile campaigns:

  1. Volume of Illegitimate Clicks: Fraudsters generate large numbers of fake clicks on mobile advertisements. This can be done through various methods, such as using bots or malware-infected devices. These clicks do not come from genuine users interested in the advertised app or product.

  2. Attribution Manipulation: Since many mobile advertising campaigns track user installations or engagements back to the last click, fraudsters use ClickSpam to skew the attribution. They flood the network with so many clicks that the fraudulent click is likely to be the one that gets credited with the eventual genuine user conversion, despite not having any real influence on the user’s decision.

  3. Stealing Credit: By spamming the network with clicks, a fraudulent actor can steal credit for app installs or conversions that would have occurred organically or through legitimate marketing channels. When a real user eventually downloads or installs the app without having engaged with any ad, the last-click attribution model may falsely attribute the conversion to the fraudulent click.

  4. Wasting Marketing Budgets: Advertisers end up paying for these falsely attributed clicks and conversions, draining their marketing budgets on fraudulent activities rather than on reaching genuine potential customers.

To use it you need an OpenAI account. However, If there is enough positive feedback we will release a version that will also work without an OpenAI account. Enjoy 🙂

Link to AdFraud Advisor

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