Realtime Click, Conversions and Impression Screening

See 24metrics AdSecurity 
in Action

We Detect and Stop Click Spam, Bots, VPNs, Low Conversion Rate Flaggings. Automatically synced with your Affise Platform. Fully customizable Rules with transparent Rejection Reasons. 

Supported Industries

Ideal for Mobile App Campaigns, Pop Traffic, LeadGen, eCommerce, PPC Campaigns, Gaming Traffic

30% Margin Increase

Our Clients immediately increase their margins by on average 30% by stopping to pay for Fraud.

Increased Conversion Rates

When we see a bad conversion we automatically stop sending Postbacks to your partners.

Realtime Click Blocking

Send bad clicks to an empty page or redirect to an alternative URL. The decision is yours.

Six reasons to choose 24metrics

Full Transparency

Clear Rejection Reasoning in Realtime for you and your publishers. You can also share reports with Publishers / Advertisers..

Seamless Integration

We have a deep integration with Affise. That means we can automatically pull Data and Sync Results with your platform.

Increased Conversion Rates

Look better with your Advertiser by showing them a good conversion rate. Our clients experience a 2-4 times increase.

Custom Filter Settings

Everyone's needs are different which we not only support presets by industry (e.g. Search, CPC or eCommerce) but also allow full customization.

30% Margin Increase

Immediately block at Click and Conversion Level and stop fraud right at the start without any manual work. Once the setup is done its all working automatically.

Get pro Support

Every customer deserves timely, knowledgeable, and efficient support. Get the help you need every step of your way.

Complete Anti Fraud Suite including Clicks and Conversions Screening


Premium Fraud Detection

$ 500 / month
  • Conversion Based Pricing
  • 50k Conversions / mth. included
  • 5M Clicks / mth. included
  • Click and Conversion Fraud Filters
  • Support & Onboarding


Premium Fraud Detection

$ 1300 / month
  • Conversion Based Pricing
  • 250k Conversions / mth. included
  • 100M Clicks / mth. included
  • Campaign Tracking Support
  • Click and Conversion Fraud Filters
  • Support & Onboarding


All Features / Any Volume

  • Any volume
  • Integrate any platform
  • Prepaid Volume Packages
  • Custom Feature Development
  • Discounted 6/12 months plans

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