The Problem of A.I Generated Spam

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The rise of A.I generated Spam and fake comments


In today’s digital landscape, AI is rapidly becoming the new face of spam, cluttering the internet with junk websites. Hundreds of sites, generated with artificial intelligence and serving real ads over AI-crafted text, are creating frustration for both consumers and advertisers.

A recent wave of AI tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard promises to revolutionize human interaction with technology. But before reaching that milestone, they are contributing to an unsettling trend: the proliferation of websites filled with random, nonsensical text aimed at search engines, all to generate advertising revenue.

According to a report by The Verge, AI text generation tools are being fused with software that mass-produces new sites, resulting in a surge of domains flooded with meaningless text. These sites are then filled with automated ad slots that serve up genuine ads over this fabricated content. This process could be seen as fraudulent, as advertisers pay for ad placements in the belief that they are reaching human audiences. The coupling of automatic advertising systems and easily generated websites is forging a feedback loop where AI-driven content, devoid of human input, is funded by intricate advertising algorithms that few humans can grasp.yes

The Challenge of AI-Generated Spam

Detecting AI-generated text can be challenging, as it may simply resemble generic or poorly written content—a practice that’s not new in the world of online advertising. Unlike traditional spam, which often features easily recognizable patterns and keywords, AI-generated text can mimic human-like speech and writing styles, making it difficult to distinguish from legitimate content. Moreover, AI systems continually evolve and adapt, learning from the data they process, which means that their generated spam becomes increasingly refined over time. This complexity often results in a high false positive rate when using conventional spam filters. As these filters struggle to discern between AI-generated spam and genuine human interactions, they may incorrectly flag legitimate content as spam, undermining user experience and eroding trust in automated systems. As a result, the need for advanced, adaptable fraud detection solutions has never been more crucial.

Solution: Recognizing and Combating AI-Generated Spam

A.I Bots

Just like traditional human spammers, AI bots leave detectable patterns that we are able to detect and filter. This why pattern detection is very a capable solution to detect text generated A.I Spam and Fake Signup that look like real profiles.

Usage of Hosting Server IPs:

  • Duplicate IP addresses
  • Abnormal behaviours (fast registrations)
  • Abnormal User Agents (e.g. ChatGPT-User, Bing-Bot)
  • Non Existence of Javascript Routines
  • Highly frequented IPs

By identifying these signs, it’s possible to pinpoint and combat AI-generated spam. These measures have been shown to yield a low false positive rate and can be customized to address individual cases, offering a promising avenue to tackle this growing menace in the digital world. Especially in combination with other detection systems this prove an effective strategy to reduce fake product reviews, signups or comments. By being vigilant and proactive, we can strive to keep the internet a space of meaningful content and genuine interaction, free from the clutter of AI-generated spam.


In conclusion, the rise of AI-generated spam presents a significant challenge in today’s digital landscape. However, it’s important to underscore that with the right tools and techniques, it is possible to combat this issue effectively. Leveraging existing technologies can help identify spam, counterfeit comments, illegitimate signups, and fraudulent product reviews. Furthermore, combining these technologies with other methods can provide a comprehensive understanding of each transaction. Therefore, while AI may have amplified the spam problem, it also equips us with sophisticated tools to fight back, creating a balanced and safer digital environment.

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