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Avoiding Click Spam & buying traffic with Outfit 7

Mobile Ad Fraud, Cookie Stuffing, Bot Detection

Protecting and screening for your Mobile App installs against Bots, Click Spam, Cookie Stuffing and other kinds of Mobile Ad Fraud, is something that Outfit7 is very familiar with. We are here to find out how.

With quality screening in the Mobile CPI being so important now we are sitting today with Luka Rade – Sales Director at Outfit7 to hear how they use Fraudshield to screen / optimize their traffic while avoiding Click Spam and other frauds(Mobile Ad Fraud, fake Mobile App installs).

Member – Paid User Acquisition Team

Luka, please introduce yourself, and your role at OutFit7, responsibilities of your team.

“I am Luka Rade, and I work for Outfit7 (Ekipa2 subsidiary) as a member of Paid user acquisition team. I have been in the industry for three and a half years now working both on the supply as the demand side.”

What type of advertising campaigns do you run in OutFit7? (CPI,CPA,CPM) etc.

“We do all kinds of advertising campaigns, but predominantly CPI based. We work with social giants as well as classical ad networks, so the dynamic of traffic we get is quite diverse.”

According to your experience, do you think AdFraud & Cookie Stuffing is a big problem in the online advertising industry? If so why?

“It is for sure a big problem. A certain return is expected for every dollar that you spend in advertisement. If your money goes to fraudulent sources, you usually get very little, if any return on it. To meet the campaign’s return on ad spend, this puts more pressure on legitimate sources to generate the return, and consequently lowers the effectiveness of your campaigns. It is a huge problem as fraudulent sources are, when detected, not really penalised, but rather blocked and ignored. And stakeholders that really want to eliminate them from the whole industry, are few and far in between.”

How long have you been using FraudShield and why made you give it a try?

“We’ve been using FraudShield for about 18 months now. We gave it a try back when we discovered some fraud manually. This is when we decided to test different providers, and FraudShield was at the time one of many.”

Site: Isn’t it great to already know and deny fake Mobile App Installs?

What makes FS different compared to other similar services?

“What differs FraudShield from others is the granularity at which they explain the reason of rejection. This was especially useful to us at the time, when we had significantly less experience, as it helped us to understand the whole landscape a lot better. This in combination with ease of use is something that beginners on this area might especially appreciate.”

How does FS help you and your team on a daily basis?

“We always try to fight fraud proactively with partners we work with. In general, I believe that intentions of majority of players in this industry are pure, but chances are, you will stumble upon a bad apple here and there. And by using FraudShield’s real-time data, this helps us in bot detection while finding those bad apples fast and communicate this with our partners. This decreases dollars spend on ad fraud both for us as well as partners, and saves us a lot of time come billing time.”

What types of Mobile App Fraud have you experienced most the last 6-12 months? 

“Just about any that you can and cannot imagine. But reality is; the simpler the Mobile App fraud type is, more likely you will stumble across it. Good news is, that it’s also much easier to detect it, as well as get rid of it. More specifically, click spam and click injection are two of the fraud types still most present. However, other types are increasing in its share, making this a much more complicated field than a year ago.”

What makes an Anti Fraud Solution provider stand out you believe the most?

“As mentioned before, the granularity at which they explain the reason of rejection is one of the key components here. But their product is much more than the dashboard and charts you see. They are a terrific team that is eager to help, advise, listen to as well as improve their product. They love what they do, and it shows. It’s a great feeling to not only be heard, but also to see the suggestions you’ve had on the product to be implemented”

Anything you would like to add for anyone who will read this, and would think to try out our services?

“By trying out their 30-day free trial, there’s really not much to lose (aside from some fraudulent traffic :). Integration is simple and fast and I am sure you will at least get some insight on your traffic that will at minimum get you more aware of where your advertisement dollars go.”

Thank you Luka for your time. We really enjoyed the feedback and insights from the industry.

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