How to double your Conversion Rates

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By Sven Hezel
Why it is important to check for Click Fraud
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How to increase Conversion Rates by 200 – 500%


Conversion rates are a key performance indicator for advertisers, and as such they are monitored closely. Low Conversion Rates can lead to Advertisers suspending campaigns with a network, which is why it’s important that networks take steps to increase Conversion Rates. Fortunately, there are several strategies available that can help boost Conversion Rates and keep advertisers happy. In this blog post we’ll discuss some of the ways networks can significantly increase the conversion with no negative effort on the performance on a campaign. 

Reasons for low Conversion Rates

Analysing Traffic sources with low Conversion Rates we see that a big amount of the Clicks are coming from duplicate IPs,  VPN or Bots. Running Database Listing When listing the number of Clicks per IP we see crazy numbers like 5000 clicks from a specific IP and in some cases even more.  Secondly we also see that certain device languages generate clicks but do not generate conversions. Thirdly there can be Bots (including friendly Search Engine Spiders) that generate unneeded Clicks. All of these push down conversion rates.

Click Fraud Example



It is important for affiliate marketers to understand that it is not enough to simply focus on conversion checks when paying per conversion. By taking the time to scan clicks, affiliate marketers can protect themselves from fraudsters who use various techniques such as cookie stuffing and click spamming in order to divert commissions away from legitimate publishers. It is essential for affiliate marketers to be aware of these fraudulent activities.

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