Mobile Ad Fraud - A look at how we fight it

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Fighting Mobile Ad Fraud – an interview with AppricotAds’ Head of Account Management

Nowadays Mobile Ad Fraud is getting smarter to detect, such as Click Spam, Cookie Stuffing etc, and that is why smart tech automation and transparency is needed more than ever.

Now more than ever in the face of a global crisis, hitting all markets across the world, the Online Advertisement Industry, is more than ever in need for quality of traffic, transparency between Partners, and automation/ smart tools to fight Fraud and enhance long term business relationships. We can all agree to that. We have asked one of our clients how they are adding value to their everyday business, through our services, and here is what we found out.

Ramy Zakaryan – Head of Account Management at AppricotAds

Introduce yourself, and your role at AppricotAds, responsibilities of your team.”My name is Ramy Zakaryan, Head of Account Management.”What type of advertising campaigns do you run in AppricotAds?”We run predominantly CPE mobile campaigns with multiple flows. The number of verticals we cover, ranges from Financial and Trading Apps to Shopping and Utilities.”According to your experience, do you think AdFraud is a big problem in the online advertising industry? If so why? How does this impact your everyday business ? (ex: ROI, CR,KPIs, client relations).”Nowadays, each and every company faces up to ad fraud, which is a big problem if not a plague of the industry. With every new source you must be extremely careful as eventually and directly affects us in terms of ROI and CR, besides it harms our partners- direct advertisers. That is why, we are focusing on it utmost to cut such traffic on our end and eliminate such publishers by blocking them forever. We have zero tolerance of fraudsters.”How long have you been using FraudShield and why did you decide using it ?”We have been using FraudShield for a while. Earlier we had experience with other vendors but the decision made in favor of 24metrics was like love from first sight! It meets 99.999% of our needs.”What makes an Anti Fraud Solution provider stand out you believe the most ?”Apart from the above mentioned, the 24metrics Team. We can feel their support, guidance, on demand vital customisations, in short we can feel we are not alone!”Anything you would like to add for anyone who will read this, and would think to try out our services?”We would highly recommend 24metrics products. Those, who care about their partners should refer to 24metrics FraudShield definitely.
“What makes Fraudshield different compared to other similar services ?Is there a particular feature you find explicitly useful to your everyday business affairs with clients?”There are tons of it! However, we would like especially to mention its effectiveness against fraud sources such as smart automatic source and sub-source blocking, feature rich and enhanced report tools, a vast number of setup parameters, just awesome and user friendly web interface. And that all in a bunch makes our everyday lives, hassle free and protected against fraud.”

Now with this global crisis striking business in our industry across all borders, what do you consider to be the most important thing for a service provider like us to have?”Just continue the way you have been doing things already. You are on the right path. You have a very loyal start up policy for those who yet doubt. Free trial allows people to experience FraudShield, begin with basic packages and scale up to larger ones. You have flexible price policy and acceptable terms and conditions! Keep it up!”

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