How Revlum uses 24metrics to Prevent Fraud

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Introduction to Revlum

Revlum is an innovative ad network dedicated to driving substantial growth for advertisers and brands, while also providing publishers with effective monetization strategies. Specializing in diverse ad models such as Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Install (CPI), and Cost Per Lead (CPL), Revlum incorporates unique features like offerwall, rewarded video, and e-commerce integrations. In an industry where trust is crucial, Revlum is committed to transparency and delivering superior quality services, recognizing the immense losses due to fraud in the ad industry.

The Challenge

In the dynamic realm of online advertising, Revlum faced significant challenges related to fraudulent leads. These activities compromised the integrity of campaigns and impacted the trust and Return on Investment (ROI) for clients. Addressing fraud became a core business concern, essential not just for maintaining technical security but also for safeguarding stakeholder interests. The critical task was to efficiently identify and halt fraudulent activities among users to secure the platform.

Implementation of the Solution

To address these challenges, Revlum partnered with 24metrics, a leader in fraud detection and prevention. By integrating 24metrics’ advanced AdSecurity system with Revlum’s internal fraud management tools, a robust solution was formed that tackled fraud at both the click and conversion levels. The strategic implementation focused on real-time data analysis and proactive fraud prevention measures, ensuring the integrity of advertising operations remained intact. Remarkably, the platform was user-friendly enough to allow the Revlum team to onboard within hours.

Results and Outcome

The collaboration with 24metrics significantly enhanced the security and predictability of Revlum’s platform. A marked decrease in fraudulent activities was observed, leading to more secure and reliable campaigns for all stakeholders involved. This improvement not only strengthened Revlum’s reputation for trust and reliability but also promoted a safer advertising environment, which fostered better user experiences and higher campaign efficiencies.


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